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About Liberty Sculpture Park

The Liberty Sculpture Park is located at Yermo, a small town in Mojave Desert by Highway 15. It is about 2 hours away from Los Angeles and Las Vegas and also at the juncture of the only passage to Las Vegas. Our purpose of having this Park is to not only build a physical hub for the democracy for China, but also a memorial for all the victims under CCP’s atrocities. In addition to constructing all the large sculptures, we also have a long-term objective of building a museum for all the victims under communism, with pictures, documents and evidence from all over the world.

The Liberty Sculpture Park is an organization with a group of Directors. We are funded by personal donations of these Directors as well as other sources. All of us working for this organization are volunteers. We hope those sharing our objectives towards advancing the cause for Chinese democracy can all join in and turn our dreams into reality.

From all of us at the Board of Directors of the Liberty Sculpture Park


The June 4th Monument

This sculpture is the largest in the world dedicated to the democracy movement of June 4th, 1989. The monument itself stands 6.4 meters tall. Adding the 2.5-meter-tall base, the total height is 8.9 meters – symbolizing 6/4/89. Amazingly, the park is exactly 6400 miles away from Beijing and located at an angle of 64 degrees.
Over 200 names are inscribed in the back of the base. These are names of the victims gathered by Ms. Ding Zilin, known as the “Mother of Tiananmen” and they will never be forgotten.

The Sculpture of the “Tank Man”

As witnessed by the whole world during the Tiananmen Square Crackdown in 1989, as the troops of tanks of the PLA were entering the Tiananmen Square moving towards all the students, the procession was stopped a brave young man blocking its way. The man in his 30’s was remembered as Wang Weilin. The world was shaken by this iconic scene recorded and published by a foreign journalist. Nobody knows the whereabouts of Wang Weilin afterwards, but his courage to challenge the tyranny has become a lasting motivation for everyone pursuing freedom and democracy.

The Sculpture of the “Crazy Horse Chief”

The sculpture is to commemorate a famous Indian Chief “Crazy Horse”. The young Chief took arms against the white settlers for their invasion of the Black Hills region. He was assassinated at the age of 33. Famous for the valor throughout his life, Crazy Horse is revered as a legendary hero by the Indians as well as all the Americans.

The Sculpture of Li Wangyang

The sculpture stands 6 meters tall including the base. It took Mr. Chen Weiming 3 months to complete the work. During the phone interview at the Opening Ceremony for the sculpture, Mr. Chen expressed his special admiration of the last words of Li Wangyang: “Never budge even if it means execution.” Mr. Chen added that “It’s because of this kind of determination that he died for freedom, democracy and constitution for China. The ‘never budge even if it means execution’ should be the motto for us all. I hope this sculpture can inspire more people to stand up to the communist autocracy.”

The Bas-Relief Sculpture of June 4th Massacre

This bas-relief sculpture is completed with Fiber-reinforced glass, which is also widely used for the external of yachts and cars. It’s known for being durable, light and strong. The sculpture is 6.4 meters long in commemoration of 6/4 (June 4th) and 2.3 meters tall.
Mr. Chen Weiming said that the ideas of the sculpture come from some of the scenes staying in his mind, including the “Tank Man”, the demolishing of the Statute of Liberty which marks the end of this historical event, as well as a student beaten to death by a dozen of soldiers.

The Statute of Liberty

On May 28, 1989, 20 students from 8 colleges led by the Central Arts Institute started making the Statute of Liberty with shortage of time. On the night of May 29, the Statute was transported to the Tiananmen Square in three separate parts. In the early morning of May 30, the assembling of the Statute was finished. It directly faced the portrait of Mao Zedong from across the street. Around 5 a.m. on June 4th, the Statute of Liberty was torn down by the troops.

Next Project –

We look forward to more artists joining us in our efforts for the growth of the Sculpture Park!