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Being one of the primary students leaders during the “June 4th, 1989 Massacre”, Mr. Wang was jailed twice. After receiving the Master and Doctor’s degrees from Harvard University, Mr. Wang opted to teach in Taiwan. He worked as the Guest Assistant Professor in the Taiwan’s National Chengchi University, National Tsing Hua University and Chung Cheng University. In 2018, he founded an overseas Chinese opposition think tank `in Washington D.C. called “Dialogue China”. He currently serves as the Director of the journal of《Beijing Spring》. He is also a member of the Independent Chinese PEN Center.


Mr. Chen Weiming is a Chinese sculptor as well as one of the founders of the Liberty Sculpture Park. Both of his two masterpieces: a replica of the original Democracy Goddess Statute which was torn down in 1989 and the bas-relief sculpture of the “Tiananmen Massacre” were exhibited in major U.S. cities as New York, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

Fang Zheng — Director

Mr. Fang is the Director of the Chinese Democratic Education Foundation. He is also the founder and spokesman of the Resumption Committee of the Tiananmen Democracy University. Mr. Fang participated in the Chinese students’ democracy movement in 1989 as a student from the Beijing Sports Academy. In the dawn of June 4, 1989 when the Chinese army started massive killing of the students in peaceful petitions, Fang Zheng saw a tank charging towards a female student. In his effort to rescue the girl, Fang Zheng was hit by the tank and his legs were run over. He became permanently disabled with both of his legs amputated.

Wang Juntao – Director

A college graduate of Nuclear Physics from Beijing University, Master of Public Administration of The John F. Kennedy School of Government from Harvard University, Ph.D. of Comparative Politics in Political Science from the Columbia University. After the June 4 Massacre in 1989, Mr. Wang became a fugitive. He was eventually arrested on November 24, 1990. Being charged with “attempt to overthrow the government” and “anti-revolutionary propaganda”, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. In 1994, Mr. Wang was released for “medical reasons” and sent directly from the prison onboard to the airplane flying to U.S. Mr. Wang is the current CoChairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Democratic Party.

Wu Jianmin – Director

One of the students leaders in Nanjing during the 1989 Democracy Movement in June. After that, Mr. Wu started the Chinese Democracy Front and was appointed as the Chairman. He was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Nanjing National Security Bureau as #001 Wanted. When U.S. Secretary James Baker visited China in 1990, Wu Jianmin was one of the students on the rescue list that U.S. wanted released by Chinese government. The story was mentioned in the 《Ten Episodes》, a memoir of Qian Qichen, the former Chinese Foreign Minister. Mr. Wu was released from prison in 1997. He led a successful petition in protection of consumers’ rights against the SOHO International. In 2015, Mr. Wu went in exile in U.S.

Chen Liqun – Director

A college student born in November 1957 in Hangzhou, Ms. Chen participated in democracy movement in Zhejiang Province in 1979 and became a member of the《April 5 Journal》and 《Zhijiang Monthly Journal》. She was questioned by the government numerous times. She participated the Democracy Movement in 1989 in Hangzhou and started the “Fundraising for the Recuperation of the Students in Hunger Strike”. She joined the last demonstration in Hangzhou following the June 4th crackdown. She helped Mr. Wang Youcai found the Chinese Democratic Party and is currently the Vice Chairwoman of the National Committee of Chinese Democratic Party.