Chen Liqun – Director

A college student born in November 1957 in Hangzhou, Ms. Chen participated in democracy movement in Zhejiang Province in 1979 and became a member of the《April 5 Journal》and 《Zhijiang Monthly Journal》. She was questioned by the government numerous times. She participated the Democracy Movement in 1989 in Hangzhou and started the “Fundraising for the Recuperation of the Students in Hunger Strike”. She joined the last demonstration in Hangzhou following the June 4th crackdown. She helped Mr. Wang Youcai found the Chinese Democratic Party and is currently the Vice Chairwoman of the National Committee of Chinese Democratic Party.

Sheng Xue – Director

As the Chairwoman of the Federation for a Democratic China,Chinese journalist, writer, poet and commentator of the current politics, Ms. Sheng won several mainstream national awards for her achievements in media and writing.

Li Juan – Director

Li Juan – Director of the Global Federation for a Democratic China, Former Chairwoman of the Federation for a Democratic China’s Sydney Branch, Former Secretary of the Federation for a Democratic China in Australia